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Why we're here

We want to take project management from being a chore to being a seamless part of your workflow. Unmanage is designed to concentrate on the features you need, like project tagging, status, assignments, and KPI's, and give you control in organizing and filtering your projects to match your specific workflow. We top it off with simple, but powerful automated reporting options to help keep those who need to know in the loop.

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Here's how Unmanage will keep your projects flowing smoothly

Unlimited Projects

Organize your projects into boards, and invite individuals or teams to be part of a board.


Prioritize Projects

Set a priority on your projects to organize your day or make sure your team knows what to work on first.


Custom Tags

Create tags with your own custom colors to organize projects however you see fit.

Filter & Sort

You can search or filter projects by any field to help you find or focus on specific items.


Smart Reporting

Create custom reports across any board, and set the report to be sent on your schedule.



Get an overall view of important high level metrics for any board.

why choose us?

Theres a lot of apps out there for project management. The best platform out there is the one that meets your team's needs. See how Unmanage can meet yours.


We work to balance powerful tools with a simple interface. We dont want to try and cram every possible tool into our product. We think that just serves to slow things down.

Unlimited Projects

Dont let yourself be boxed in by project restrictions. Make as many boards and projects as you need to keep yourself organized and on track.

Automated Reporting

With a few simple clicks you can make custom reports that span multiple boards, and set them up to be sent to anyone you want on a schedule you determine.

Frequently asked Questions

The idea of Unmanage is to give up control. Hire good people, and let them do their work. Good people are self-motivated and self-managing. Don’t try and control their workflow for the sake of process. Look for the minimum amount of involvement needed to keep things on track and only do what’s necessary to keep your team aware of the big picture. Anything past that isn’t helping you create, its helping you control.

We value the simple over the complex. Instead of trying to offer every concievable tool and workflow in one app, we think its best to offer a smaller set of powerful tools that give you the most flexibility to do your work.

We are working to have our Beta out late Q2 of 2020, and to do a full launch by Q4.

You can sign up to join our launch at the top and bottom of the page. We will send you info as development continues, and send an invite link when our Beta is ready.

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